How to Claim Your Physical NiftyPin Guide

How to Claim Your Physical NiftyPin

As I wrote in a previous post, tying a digital NFT to a physical item is hard, especially when you are not a solidity developer. Moving forward (the cutoff is around NiftyPin Edition #4 more-or-less), this is how the claiming process will work. The first two NiftyPins, Pony Ethereum and Dazed and Watched, were digital only releases and the third NiftyPin, Bored Baller, didn’t have the “burn-to-claim” mechanism.

Step 1: Get a Claimable NiftyPin NFT

The total amount of claimable pins will be released in this OpenSea collection called “NiftyPins Claimable Pins” as NIFTYPINS 1155 tokens. These are un-serialized pins as they are in a multiple collection and the serial number you will get will be determined in the order that you burn the pin.

Step 2: Burn that Claimable NFT

Kindly note that to claim a physical pin, you have to burn this NFT prior to the “Deadline to Claim Physical Pin.” After that date, I plan on destroying the pins to free up room in storage, but you can certainly reach out via twitter @niftypins to see if I have yet to destroy them. To burn the pin, you can either click “Burn” on Rarible or you can transfer to this address on OpenSea: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Step 3: DM @niftypins on Twitter

Send me a DM on Twitter @niftypins to let me know you burned the pin. I will confirm that you are the individual that owns the wallet by asking you to update your OpenSea or Rarible profile with your twitter name (if it is not already there). Once confirmed, you can send me your physical, snail mail address for me to ship the pin. I do ship USPS mail in the United States as well as internationally.

You are also able to receive a “Claimed” version of the NFT to have in your wallet that will have a different background from the original NFT, text that the pin has been claimed along with metadata to correspond to the serial number of your physical pin. This is to ensure the secondary market knows that the physical pin has already been claimed. A person looking to buy on the secondary can inquire about the physical pin with the individual who owns the Claimed NiftyPin.

You will also be asked to make the following decision when you DM me at @niftypins on Twitter:

  • You can choose the “Claimed” NiftyPin to be minted as a NIFTYPIN 721 token—in that event, I will list it as a private sale with your address with the total price being equivalent to the gas I had to pay to mint that token. This is what a NIFTYPIN 721 token looks like on Etherscan:

NIFTYPIN 721 Token Example
  • You can choose the “Claimed” NiftyPin to be minted as an OpenSea “lazy mint” as a private sale for a nominal amount (0.0001 ETH) for your address—in this event, the token will be an OPENSTORE 1155 token of your specific serial number. This is what an OPENSTORE 1155 token looks like on Etherscan:
OPENSTORE 1155 Token Example

This choice is truly yours and most people who don’t care about having a specific token will likely choose the later. While I wish I could mint the claimed pins as a 721 token, unfortunately, the gas to do so is just too exorbitant. But if you’d like a 721 token, I’m happy to do that for those who prefer to have their claimed NFT listed as a NIFTYPIN token—you will just have to pay for the gas that I incur.

Concluding Thoughts

Obviously, I would prefer to have everything as NIFTYPINS 721 tokens. However, after going through this process for NiftyPin Edition 5, the pin awarded to the Party Bidders for the Blitmap Say What Edition #613, it became clear that the way I wanted to do it was untenable. Hopefully someday I can find a solidity dev, but until then, this process is the best option I have available! Thank you so much for reading and for your support!