Came to Web 3 to Make Pins—Stayed for the Vibes

Thanks for stopping by NiftyPins.io! What began as a straight up shill for selling my NFT x IRL enamel pins has evolved to so much more! I’m excited to share a lot of info I’ve picked up since joining this NFT that may be helpful to a n00b (or even a vet) along with some thoughts around NFTs as a whole new artistic medium and projects/communities that I’m a part of! 

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I plan on updating the NiftyPins blog with a ton of information that I’ve learned in this space, from security best practices to thoughts around the blockchain as a new medium. Check out the blog for all the latest!

Online Store with Physical NFT Merch

Gear up on some of the most popular CC0 NFT projects and those projects that I have a commercial license to make physical derivates! From stickers, shirts, pins and hats, find them at my Blit Store—this is high quality stuff!

Web3 Copywriting Services

If you’re a founder or thought leader in the web3 space and need help getting thoughts onto paper, I can help! All client work I file is copyedited by a pro—message me on Twitter to find out more.

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